Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What else should I buy for my new Rapide P12-2017?

While building a new car for the 2017/8 North American Indoor Carpet Racing season we posted a picture of the Rapide P12-2017 with the simply stunning Rapide P12-2017 7075 Aluminum Main Chassis and this caught a lot of attention and brought many questions about the preferred list of hop-ups and spares for the upcoming high traction indoor season.

The Modern Era of Alloy Chassis

As many of you might know, in the modern era, Roche RC USA driver Donny Lia was one of the first people to catch onto the alloy chassis advantage when running on the newest CRC black racing carpet.  He used a McFactory chassis for his Rapide P12 (2015) to win the 2016 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals in Modified 1/12 at Prolevel Raceway in St. Louis.  Since that time there has been an amazing buzz about alloy chassis and Roche RC USA has done our best to support the needs of racers by supply a countless section of both McFactory and Roche alloy chassis.  At the beginning of 2017 Roche released our beautify black and red anodized P12-2017 Aluminum Chassis that leverages the 'Type L' design of side link holders allowing for a narrow chassis foot print -- matching the already amazing look of our motor pod plates.  

Which hop ups make sense?


  1. 15mm Titanium Turnbuckle - 350042 - a necessary strength improvement to the front end for tracks with hard barriers
  2. Hard Front Lower Arm - 340045 - reduces the possibility of tweaking an arm during a big crash
  3. Lowest Rear Axle Holder - 210011 - to gain a further 0.5mm of rear ride height
  4. Optional Center Springs - Soft 330126 and Hard 330128 - optional center springs for the larger volume center shock
  5. Optional Center Shock Pistons - 340125 - provides a 3 and 4 hole optional piston  


  1. Alloy Main Plate - 210101 - for high grip carpet racing
  2. Alloy Lower Plate - 210102 - for high grip carpet racing
  3. 2mm Offset DVS-W Spring Retainer - 310146 - provides an additional 2mm of spring adjustment to gain more center chassis droop
  4. Ceramic Diff Balls - 620005 - for stock racing
  5. TKO Flat Diff Rings - DL-L12 - for stock racing
  6. Slapmaster Trust Kit - SMT-134 - for mod racers and anyone who is going through diff hub bearings quickly
  7. Titanium Coated King Pin - 330107
  8. Titanium Coated 2mm Upper Hinge Pin - 330106
  9. Titanium Coated DVS-W Shock Shaft - 330133 
  10. All Hard Parts for Front End Plastic - Many - although replacing the lower arm is the major hop up, some people choose to remove all front end flex from the front suspension with these parts
  11. Screw Kits - All Alloy or All Titanium - to save weight and dress up your ride

Spare Parts

  1. Flanged Rear Axle Bearings - 610002 - for when you kiss the outside wall
  2. Front Axle Bearings - 610001 - for when they wheel bearings get crunchy
  3. Shock Maintenance Kit- 310123 
  4. Front Bumper - 240038
  5. Type L Pod Link Mounts - 340082 - replacement link holder on the alloy chassis
  6. Alloy Chassis Bumper - 210104 - replacement front bumper on the alloy chassis
  7. Body Posts - 240014

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rapide P12-2017 "Worlds Car" Arrives

The much anticipated 2017 edition of the Roche Rapide P12 has arrived. This base kit was developed by Naoto Matsukura to win the 2016 IFMAR World Championship.  Read more about the kit's features here

Find the Rapide P12-2017 kit and new parts at Shop.RocheRCUSA.com

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year In Review

In 2016 Roche RC USA & the International team brought three amazing accomplishments:
  1. ROAR Carpet National Championship - 1/12th Modified - Donny Lia
  2. IFMAR World Championship - 1/12th Modified - Naoto Matsukura
  3. A growing team, learning our new platform, and mixing it up w/ the historical "pan car" racing franchises.