Thursday, October 12, 2023

First batch of P12V sold out -- next available end of October 2023

The first order of P12V has come and gone quickly.  Next batch coming at the end of October from Hong Kong

The only dealer who received kits within the first batch was Beachline RC - give them a call, they can ship anywhere.

Or you can back order them to ship at beginning of November -

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

New 235mm 1/10th Pan Car - Roche Rapide P10W3

 151025 Roche Rapide P10W3 1/10 235mm Competition Pan Car Kit

Roche - Rapide P10W3 Features-

  • New design 2.5mm high grade HARD graphite materials for main chassis and wider lower pod plate.
  • New design dual upper deck and easy change battery holder.
  • New design 7075 aluminum front upper &lower bulkhead.
  • New design upper arm with body upstop screw.
  • New design graphite front lower arm.
  • New design aluminum front axle and graphite steering plate.
  • New design graphite top plate with quick change damper angle and 8 position selectable.
  • New design graphite front brace,rear chassis brace with battery holder.
  • New lower position slide style center pivot mount.
  • New design 7075 aluminum lower axle position motor mount and rear left bulkhead.
  • New design graphite wider rear pod plate.
  • New design low CG rear body mount.

Features carried over from prior generations- 

  • Graphite floating servo plate and 7075 aluminum servo mount.  Servo position fine adjustable.
  • Black steel steering turnbuckle (M3x57mm).
  • DVS-V3 big bore center damper with long extension post.
  • 7075 aluminum long floating pod link mount, servo mount and center pivot brace mount.
  • Aluminum side link angle adjuster.
  • 7075 aluminum axle height adjuster with oversized rear axle ball bearings.
  • Black anodized CARBON drive axle, differential hub and wheel hub.
  • Caster adjustment : 4/5/6/7 deg.
  • Fine adjustable reactive caster angle by shims.
  • Low friction coating pivot balls and ball studs.
  • Polished kingpin.
  • Spring steel upper arm turnbuckle (M3x15mm).
  • Low profile and mini size servo compatible.
  • Micro side dampers rear suspension design.
  • Quick center damper angle and position adjustment design.
  • Inline alignment battery placement with forward/backward position selectable. Cross-chassis battery placement.
  • Thrust ball bearing is included in ball differential with maximum performance.

Monday, August 1, 2022 now at

 This past week we moved our web store - - over to our mega R/C super store - - in order to improve our customer's shopping experience.  

If you have any issues with the new store please contact us.  

Monday, November 29, 2021

Payne and Gerber win at US Indoor Champs

The 41st US Indoor Champs just wrapped up in Cleveland, Ohio.  This is the longest running indoor carpet race in the World.  The race was last run in 2019 and skipped running in 2020 due to COVID.

Ollie Payne TQ and Wins Modified 1/12th with the new Roche Rapide P12 Evo2!!

Wayne Gerber wins WGT-R with the Roche Rapide P10 WGT-R against a field of 9 CRC cars!!!

Modified 1/12

Modified 1/12th would be one of the 3 classes featuring triple A-main races.  In qualifying, Roche driver Ollie Payne would take TQ in round 2 and reset TQ in round 3 and 4.  At end, Ollie would have a 5s lead in qualifying over the rest of the field.

In A1, after the first lap the running order was Ollie, Sam Isaacs and Donny Lia.  Sam would chase Ollie for the entire 8m but the gap between first and second never got closer than 0.3s.   Finishing order would be Ollie, Sam and Alex Hagberg

In A2, the top 3 would run out in qualifying order - Ollie, Sam and Alex.  The top three would ebb and flow through traffic over the next 7 minutes never being more than 1.5s apart.  In the last 30 seconds Sam would catch a board dropping him to 3rd.  The last two laps were very close with Alex challenging Ollie but Ollie would hold on for the overall win.

Triple A-main finishing order-
  1. OLLIE PAYNE [Roche] + TQ


Qualifying was tight for the WGT-R class and Roche RC USA Wayne Gerber qualified 3rd for the A-main surrounded by CRC cars in all other positions.

In the A-main, the top 4 drivers rolled out in qualifying order.  On lap 4 Brian Wynn tapped in the center of the track allowing Max Buca and Wayne to get by.  Just three laps later Max made a similar mistake in the middle of the track promoting Wayne into the lead.  Max fought back later in that lap but Wayne continued to hold the lead the drive flawlessly to take the win with Mark Calandra in 2nd and Max in 3rd.

A-main finishing order-
  1. WAYNE GERBER [Roche]
  10. RON MICK

Monday, November 15, 2021

Team Setup Sheet Downloads

Recently Google updated a security policy for old shared Google Drive links.  We've updated the references we own to these -- and you can get the data here:

Setup Sheets

Monday, April 15, 2019

2019 Mile High Champs

The 2019 Mile High Indoor Championships were held at 5280 Raceway in Denver, Colorado April 12-14.  A blizzard leading up to the event caused a slightly lower turnout, but the competition was still tight across all pan car classes classes.  Roche took up TQ honors in Can-Am Stock 1/12th and 13.5 Super Stock 1/12th with two brand new drivers, Shawn Rayfield (Can-Am Stock) and Joe Trandell (13.5 Super Stock).  The new drivers would convert their first race with the Roche Rapide P12 Evo USA SPEC 1/12 Competition Car Kit into TQ and Wins!

 In 13.5 Super Stock 1/12th Joe Trandell (Roche) would TQ multiple rounds of rocket round qualifying to finally reset TQ in round 5 over Kevin Van Ert (CRC) and Monti Panzica (Roche).  In the A-main, Kevin would tap on the first lap allowing the Roche drivers to fight out for the win initially with both Joe and Monti holding the top spot in the first few minutes.  By the time the race was over qualifying order would prevail with Joe taking the win, followed by Kevin and Monti.

In Can-Am Stock 1/12th Shawn Rayfield (Roche) would TQ over Kevin Van Ert (CRC) by just 0.2s both in recorded in round 3 and with Joe Trandell in third.  In the A-main Shawn and Kevin would lead out followed by Joe.  With just about 2 minutes to go Kevin would have an incident allowing Joe to grab second and Kevin third while Shawn would cruise to the win.

In Mod 1/12th Keven Hebert (XRay) would TQ resetting his prior TQ in round 5 over Sam Isaacs (Roche) and Kyle Klingforth (Roche).  In the A-main Keven would have an uneventful defence of his TQ even though Sam would set hot-lap behind him on the way to second place.  Chris Hillier (Destiny) would round out the podium in 3rd. 

In Can-Am F1 The Willcox family would dominate the day with Chris Willcox (Associated) taking TQ honors over his brother Brian Willcox (XRay) and Brent Klingforth (Roche) in third.  The A-main would hold qualifying order with Chris taking the win.

Big thanks to the Roche drivers and team for making the event!  Congrats again to our new team members Joe and Shawn on their first time out wins!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lia wins Mod and 13.5 1/12th at 2018 Snowbird Nationals

The 2018 Snowbird Nationals proved to be close and exciting battle in many of the pan car classes - both 1/12th and 1/10th scale.  Roche RC USA had at least one driver competing in the classes on offer.  We were lucky to have many of our drivers bringing their A (main) game but none of them did better than Donny Lia who took down wins in both Mod 1/12th and 13.5 1/12th!

Mod 1/12th 

Qualifying started out with Yokomo's Toto Ebukuro setting and re-setting pole position in the first two rounds of the event.  In round three Roche RC's Donny Lia looked on track to re-set pole position again but would sadly break out while leading the a-sort.  In the fourth round we would see Associated's Keven Hebert grab the ultimate and fastest pole position.  Toto would line up second and Donny third all based upon their fastest times recorded in round 4.  

During the 8 minute long single A-main the lead would change many times.  Toto, Keven and Donny would have a fantastic battle with each other and traffic as the race was nearly lost more than once due to racing incidents.  On the first lap Toto would sneak under Keven while entering the infield for the first lap.  The three would freight train for lap after lap.  Donny was in hot pursuit of Keven and by lap 12 found his way by Keven into the 2nd position as the two went thru the last corner onto the straightaway.  Before Toto and Donny came across the finish line again Donny had put a inside door to door pass on Toto in the infield.  Donny looked to be stretching his lead until on lap 24 he fell into trouble lapping back markers and was parked on a pipe dropping back to 4th place.  In the amount of time it takes to get a drink and eat a donut Donny somehow regained the lead from Keven.  With just a few laps togo Donny would again have another scare with traffic but this time he wouldn't loose the lead as he crossed the line with a 2 second advantage over Keven.  Toto would round out the podium.  

13.5 1/12th

Super Stock 1/12th was a tightly contested class in 2018 with CRC's Andrew Knapp, Associated's Joe Trandell and Roche RC's Donny Lia all contending for the class TQ.  Donny put down the fastest time of the event in round 3 and had only 2 seconds on Joe and Andrew lining up behind him 2nd and 3rd overall.  Roche RC drivers Eric Anderson (7th) and Monti Panzica (8th) would join Donny in the main as the BQ Screw award winner, Mike Hanulec, would fail to bump his way into the show from the B-Main.  

In the main event, Donny would blow the first corner allowing Joe to duck into the lead.  Joe and Donny stretched away from Andrew by about one corner for the first one and a half minutes.  Donny was forcing the issue multiple times on Joe down the straightway but couldn't find his way by.  Donny eventually stuck it in as the two headed out to the straightway with them both having a board visit which promoted Andrew to the lead.  Donny would get a lucky bounce from the board meeting and only was a turn behind Andrew.  A few laps later, Andrew would tap in the complex heading onto the straight and allow Donny into the lead.  Traffic would come to tag Donny a few laps later as he got collected in an accident while lapping Toto allowing Andrew back into the lead.  Somehow Donny only lost a little momentum as he was able to rejoin the race right on Andrew's tail.  With 3m30s left in the race Andrew and Donny were nose to tail.  Finally it was at the 3m mark through the last few corners that Donny made his move as they drag raced down the straight and Donny took first heading into the infield.  Donny would extend his lead to two seconds over Andrew by the tone.  B-main bump up driver CRC's Jeff Dayger would finish 3rd.  Monti would finish 7th overall and Eric Anderson would wind up 10th after pulling out early.

17.5 1/12th

This year's competition in 17.5 1/12th has mostly been a story of everyone chasing the Trinity powered CRC car of Andrew Knapp.  Thankfully we saw a slight kink in Andrew's armor at Roche RC USA's Mike Hanulec would take the round one TQ in 17.5 by 3/10ths of a second (unlike the #fakenews that had otherwise reported and published on the internet).  Andrew would re-take TQ in round 2 and 3.  XRay's Robbie Dodge would finally show his practice pace in Q3 and Q4 by starting 2nd overall.  Associated's Joe Trandell would start 3rd.  Mike Hanulec was the sole Roche car making the main starting 6th.  

In the main Andrew and Robbie would break out from the pack running their own races for the total 8 minutes.  Joe would be followed closely by SpeedMerchant's Arnaud Lemperiere, CRC's Jeff Dayger and Roche RC's Mike Hanulec.  Mike would race as high as 4th right on Joe's tail before taking a bit too much of curbing at the center of the track and falling back to 6th where he would finish.  Andrew made the race for first a little bit exciting as he tapped out in the last two minutes of the race allowing Robbie to get very close at the end.  

25.5 F1

F1 competition at Snowbirds was tight with CRC Japan's Hayato Ishioka taking the first round TQ by just two tenths over Roche RC USA's Mike Hanulec.  As qualifying rounds progressed CRC's Andrew Knapp would take the 2nd round TQ, which was then re-taken by Hayato in round 3.  After four rounds Roche RC would have two cars in the main with Mike Hanulec starting 6th and Wayne Gerber starting 7th -- both of them running alloy chassis on their Rapide F1 Evo cars.  

In the A-main Hayato and Andrew would break away clean but behind a first lap accident would promote Wayne Gerber to 3rd and Mike Hanulec to 4th on the first lap.  Wayne would lead the pair until lap 11 when he would tap out promoting Mike to 3rd.  In the closing laps Hayato would get collected by traffic allowing Andrew into the top stop.  Hayato would hunt down Andrew over the next 1m15s of the race.  The two would go wheel to wheel multiple times helping to allow the fast charging Mike gain more and more ground on the lead two.  On the last lap Hayato would cleanly execute a pass down the straight on Andrew.  The trio would pass the stripe separated by less than one second.   

World GT-R

Roche RC is planning on re-releasing our 200mm WGT car so we asked Wayne Gerber to campaign a prototype car at this year's Snowbirds.  Wayne was able to put in good runs in round three and four, with this forth round run being his personal best, 3rd overall.  Cory Parsons would TQ the event based upon his 2nd round performance.  CRC's Brian Wynn would start 2nd on the grid after his excellent run in round 3.  

In the A-main Wayne would make his way as high as 2nd overall before his radio would freeze on him not allowing him to continue.  Cory would drive the rest of the race uncontested with Brian finishing 2nd and Johnny Carey finishing 3rd.  

Final Thoughts

After first seeing the Roche Rapide P12 prototype at the 2015 Snowbirds we are happy to have added now two Snowbird wins to the Roche RC brand.  We are excited about all of the interest people have in our exceptionally beautiful and performant 1/12th and F1 cars -- and ultimately the success of our team drivers and customers . .  We look forward to the upcoming races and the re-release of our 200mm and 235mm 1/10th pan cars in March and April 2018.  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What else should I buy for my new Rapide P12-2017?

While building a new car for the 2017/8 North American Indoor Carpet Racing season we posted a picture of the Rapide P12-2017 with the simply stunning Rapide P12-2017 7075 Aluminum Main Chassis and this caught a lot of attention and brought many questions about the preferred list of hop-ups and spares for the upcoming high traction indoor season.

The Modern Era of Alloy Chassis

As many of you might know, in the modern era, Roche RC USA driver Donny Lia was one of the first people to catch onto the alloy chassis advantage when running on the newest CRC black racing carpet.  He used a McFactory chassis for his Rapide P12 (2015) to win the 2016 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals in Modified 1/12 at Prolevel Raceway in St. Louis.  Since that time there has been an amazing buzz about alloy chassis and Roche RC USA has done our best to support the needs of racers by supply a countless section of both McFactory and Roche alloy chassis.  At the beginning of 2017 Roche released our beautify black and red anodized P12-2017 Aluminum Chassis that leverages the 'Type L' design of side link holders allowing for a narrow chassis foot print -- matching the already amazing look of our motor pod plates.  

Which hop ups make sense?


  1. 15mm Titanium Turnbuckle - 350042 - a necessary strength improvement to the front end for tracks with hard barriers
  2. Hard Front Lower Arm - 340045 - reduces the possibility of tweaking an arm during a big crash
  3. Lowest Rear Axle Holder - 210011 - to gain a further 0.5mm of rear ride height
  4. Optional Center Springs - Soft 330126 and Hard 330128 - optional center springs for the larger volume center shock
  5. Optional Center Shock Pistons - 340125 - provides a 3 and 4 hole optional piston  


  1. Alloy Main Plate - 210101 - for high grip carpet racing
  2. Alloy Lower Plate - 210102 - for high grip carpet racing
  3. 2mm Offset DVS-W Spring Retainer - 310146 - provides an additional 2mm of spring adjustment to gain more center chassis droop
  4. Ceramic Diff Balls - 620005 - for stock racing
  5. TKO Flat Diff Rings - DL-L12 - for stock racing
  6. Slapmaster Trust Kit - SMT-134 - for mod racers and anyone who is going through diff hub bearings quickly
  7. Titanium Coated King Pin - 330107
  8. Titanium Coated 2mm Upper Hinge Pin - 330106
  9. Titanium Coated DVS-W Shock Shaft - 330133 
  10. All Hard Parts for Front End Plastic - Many - although replacing the lower arm is the major hop up, some people choose to remove all front end flex from the front suspension with these parts
  11. Screw Kits - All Alloy or All Titanium - to save weight and dress up your ride

Spare Parts

  1. Flanged Rear Axle Bearings - 610002 - for when you kiss the outside wall
  2. Front Axle Bearings - 610001 - for when they wheel bearings get crunchy
  3. Shock Maintenance Kit- 310123 
  4. Front Bumper - 240038
  5. Type L Pod Link Mounts - 340082 - replacement link holder on the alloy chassis
  6. Alloy Chassis Bumper - 210104 - replacement front bumper on the alloy chassis
  7. Body Posts - 240014